Ooops…Britney did it again

Now that Britney Spears finally got her freedom back, she gets hitched. Bad idea?

Sissi Malva de Moura
3 min readJul 19, 2022


Photo by Sandy Millar on Unsplash

After a long battle to be released from the conservatorship that held her virtually prisoner for 14 years, fans and bystanders would expect the Pop Princess to take time to heal and live life to the fullest.

Maybe making a big bang comeback with all the bells (not that she hadn’t been working for the past few years, but…you know, something huge) enjoying her long-awaited independence with loads of “me, me, me” time, making up for lost time with her children, spending some of the hard-earned money that was finally at her disposal on fun stuff and possibly, associating herself with charity work related to her ordeal. That’s what many of us would do in her situation, anyway.

Yet lo and behold…the first thing Britney does -or almost- is to get married to her long-time boyfriend, personal trainer and aspiring actor Sam Asghari (let’s be honest, pretty much no one knew who he was before dating Britney Spears; the couple actually met when he played her love interest in one of her videos, so I rest my case here) 12 years her junior.

After her failed second marriage to the father of her children, who ended up getting full custody and a juicy alimony that set him for life, one would think that Britney would become extra cautious when it comes to exchanging vows again. And no matter how much one is a hopeless defender of the institution of marriage, it always implies surrendering much of your freedom.

With that said, I wonder what made Britney go from her father’s guard to the need of sharing everything with a husband so soon. The will of having more children, as she said herself? An insecurity that leads her to always need a male presence? Thinking with her heart and not so much with her head? Or is she a hopeless romantic, as her choice of a Cinderella-type wedding seems to suggest? We can only speculate.

More importantly, as I said this week regarding Shakira’s case, it’s puzzling why so many powerful women feel more comfortable around someone less famous, rich and powerful than themselves. Again, insecurities or the need to have the upper hand or leverage to keep the partner around?