How to look flawless like Catherine, Princess of Wales

Sissi Malva de Moura
8 min readApr 4, 2022

The newly minted Princess of Wales always looks impeccable, and some of her tactics can be copied by anybody.

Photo by Church of the King on Unsplash

Call me a snob but IMHO, out of the commoners married into royalty or public-life leading aristocracy, Catherine, formerly known as Duchess of Cambridge and the new Princess of Wales, is one of the few who fits the role as if she were born into it (Maxima of the Netherlands, Marie Chantal of Greece and Mary of Denmark are also a good example of achieving this difficult task).

Marrying into such families as an outsider is complicated enough on its own, let alone when it means representing a very public and worldwide famous Royal House.

Up until recently, royalty and aristocracy married their own only, and for good reason: it takes a similar, or at least, very compatible background to understand certain subtleties, habits, priorities, jokes and frames of mind that come with that lot.

After all, being a working royal is more than a “job”: etiquette and protocol can be learned by anyone with enough will and practice, but whoever expects a fairy tale is in for a rude awakening (even Marie Antoinette and Lady Diana, who were aristocrats through and through, failed by expecting one, a life of carefree luxury and frivolity, and the latter, a happy ever after romance).

Royalty and nobility, for all that matters, are based on service and putting others (be it the Crown, God, the country or the needy) before oneself.

With the privileges, comes the obligation of being stoic, always put together, discreet and elegantly attired but fairly frugal, taking rude opinions with grace, being a team worker, and avoiding extravagance, scandal, self-servicing and self-promotion.

Privileges, like respect, are earned, not granted over a Title.

Very few have understood the assignment like Catherine. H.R.H acted with prudence and humility, taking small steps while learning the ropes, developing her skills and finding her true style. And she has been going from strength to strength, even through difficult times without ever complaining. A true class act and a strong woman.