5 facts that only mothers who write understand

Sissi Malva de Moura
5 min readJul 21, 2022

If you are a mother (or parent) and a content creator who works from home, you know how bl*ody real the struggle is.

Picture by Anastasia Shuraeva on Pexels

Gospel truth: all working mothers deserve a flippin’ medal.

And with each working arrangement and childhood stage, come different challenges. Mothers who work from home have their own set of struggles- especially when it comes to work that involves a certain dose of inspiration, like writing. Now if you have babies or toddlers, who don’t quite understand what “working” means, you better bribe the Muses and summon an extra dose of patience and flexibility to keep yourself sane and get your work done.

Maybe you are a seasoned working- from- home content creator. Maybe you just started your self-employed adventure or decided to make a move to work in da house after the pandemic. Or perhaps, like myself, you are returning to writing/content creation after a hiatus.

Anyway, good luck to you: along with the joys of motherhood and the perks of working from home, comes…well, this:

1-Flying laptops, notepads torn apart and utter chaos

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Even if you are blessed with a spacious house that includes a lovely home office, it only takes a minute of distraction for a stationary massacre to happen. Your precious notes and writing devices are just too tempting for little hands. Not to mention that wee children might resent anything that takes mummy’s full attention away from them and decide to exact revenge on your work gear.

Solution: for the sake of your mental health and productivity, go paperless as much as possible. Tools such as Trello or Milanote are your friends. That is, if your electronic devices survive the baby godzillas. Invest in heavy-duty covers for everything able to wear a suit of armour, and pray for the best.

2- Meetings gone wild