3 important love lessons from Shakira’s break-up

The singer just dodged a bullet, and she should be rejoicing.

Sissi Malva de Moura


Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

Recently, a video trending on social media showed Henry Cavill (who seems to be every woman’s dream man these days- unless you live in West London, that is- because, with no detriment to the handsome actor, his looks are fairly usual around those parts) almost twisting his neck when he spotted Shakira during a red carpet event.

If I were Shakira, I’d take the compliment as an omen of good things to come, give myself a hand and get ready to turn the page in style.

For those who are not following, weeks ago the singer heartbrokenly announced the end of her nearly 12 year-long relationship with the father of her two adorable boys, soccer player Gerard Pique.

Apparently, the footballer was caught in the act with a mystery floozie, which led the Colombian songstress to need medical assistance on the spot due to the shock of such an unpleasant discovery. It’s only understandable.

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In her shoes, I’d either freeze, turn my back and run to my lawyer faster than lightning; or my Latin side would get the best of me and it wouldn't be pretty for the cheater and the homewrecker before I’d send him packing, but to each their own.

Apparently though, the sad outcome was hardly surprising: lately the football player had been leading a party boy life, spending time with younger colleagues around bars, in full women, wine and song mode instead of acting like a responsible partner and father.

Talk about bad decisions: the fellow has a super sexy superstar — not to mention wealthy and with a rumoured IQ of 140- for a wife and mother of his children, and throws it all away for some bimbo aspiring “model” and event hostess (there, I said it- I have no sorority and I’m not democratic when it comes to women who knowingly mess with taken men, even if the greater responsibility lies with them).